Flocarious EP Cover

This is the artwork I created for a client and friend of mine, Damiano the Don, who is a part of the rap duo Flocarious along with his partner Magnetic the Shaman! This will be the cover art for their new self titled ep coming soon. Hot stuff, good looks, check out their facebook page here. I had alot of fun with this, and I'm wishing them much luck with the coming release.

#rap #ep #flocarious #damianothedon #magnetictheshaman #commision #originalart

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Christa Carr

lllustration / Animation / Character Design


Buffalo born,  Los Angeles based, Christa is an up and coming 2D animator. With an emphasis on character design, props, and 2D animation, she hopes to help normalize diverse characters and show the multiplicity of their stories.


Professionals that inspire her creative process include LeSean Thomas, Rebecca Sugar, Bruce W. Smith, Studio Trigger, Studio Ghibli and BONES.

Feel free to contact her below, or email her at alysecarr@verizon.net

Open to work opportunities in the United States and Canada.

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