Toronto K-Pop Con and Miku Expo 2016


Hey ya'll, this is a bit of a late blog post! I went to Toronto K-Pop con in Canada as well as Miku Expo (which was the day before) during the month of May! I was VIP for Miku Expo which was awesome, since I got first dibs on the merch, and Amanaguchi was there! Great concert and as always the live band was great. I also had the pleasure of attending my first fanmeet with Got7! I was almost called up to the stage too (they picked random seat numbers) but the girl next to me got to go up. It was fun regardless! Although JB was still injured at the time so he couldn't dance with the others, and looked a little bummed out lol. I created the artwork above as a gift for the band, I hope they recieved it! The image below is from the fanmeet I attended, I'm in the balcony though so you probably can't see me! I'm hoping to attend the con next year as well, but we'll see what happens.


#got7 #kpop #fanmeet #mikuexpo #fanart

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