First Week in Japan

The first day of sight seeing took us to Meiji Shrine! We happened to go on the day of a festival so there were alot of other people there. I loved this portion of the day, the shrine was very relaxing and quiet despite the heavy foot traffic. I got to take in the scenery and draw my fortune. Also got to pray there, I really enjoyed it! Afterwards we headed to downtown Tokyo for some light shopping and dinner. Very busy day

Next, Jayne and I went on a visit to Tokyo Skytree! We didn't go up the tower but we did alot of shopping and looking around. Visited the Kirby Cafe (although it was too busy to eat there) and took photos. Then headed to the official shop to get some T-shirts to commemorate our visit. I also got a GIANT Waddle Dee who is now my new sleeping buddy, lol.

Pokemon Center was lit as expected, and I got to take a picture with the legendary Rayquaza! While there I picked up the official Red and Green Pokemon Soundtrack. I'm excited to give it a listen! After exploring we headed to Samara Restaurant for some A++ Indian cuisine. And the manager was so nice!

Then off to the Sumida Aquarium! It was a bit small but gorgeous. The lighting was a bit moody and dark out of courtesy for the wildlife so I didn't take many pictures. The highlights were the jellyfish, seals, and penguins

Jayne, Yoonjung and I went out to Akihabara! Our first stop was Maidreamin Cafe, where we had lunch. The restaurant was an experience all right, lol very cute and funny. We got lunch, photos with the staff and animal ears with our package. The girls were all really cheerful and hard working, moe moe kyuu~ <3

Next we went to a few arcades, book, and toy stores before heading to Roppongi. There we made a stop at an art exhibition called Doboku Civil Engineering. The space was dedicated to the functional art and beauty of construction. There were some really interesting installations and beautiful photos there.

Finally we headed to the Mori Art Museum to see the Ghibili exhibition and Tokyo Skyview! Unfortunately the Museum didn't allow many photos but I did get to take a picture of the room dedicated to the film Castle in the Sky

So far my time here has been pretty exhausting but I'm having fun, and getting to know all things Japan. During our downtime, Jayne and I got to try Korean Soju courtesy of Yoonjung! It was soda flavor and surprisingly tasty :)

Until next time!


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